Sunday , 18 August 2019
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Honest Well Repair and Service *Same Day Service*

Well Repair Service, Inspection & Water Quality Testing


Well Repair and Service in Snohomish County and King County. We carry many parts on our service trucks and are equipped with the tools needed to get the job done – whenever and wherever it may be. From precision diagnostic equipment that will pinpoint a problem with your pump to the heavy equipment needed to pull it up – we have what's needed to get the job done and restore your running water.


Sometimes it is nice to have some clarity on what a water well actually is. A water well is a structure or excavation in the ground created by driving, or digging or even drilling to get the the ground water in the area. The ground water is then pumped / drawn up by water pump or even by buckets in some cases. Setting up and maintaining a water pump is a complicated business and it is best left to the professionals as mistakes can be costly both financially and even your own health. Give us a call and we can help you with your water pump and well.


Maintaining your water well is critical to the potential life span of your well and pump system. In addition to routine maintenance and repairs, we also provide well inspections for water wells, pumps, and water storage tanks in all of King and Snohomish Countty



Well Water Filter - If your well water problems include bacteria, viruses, iron in water, arsenic, hard water, rusty water, sulfur smell (rotten egg odor), manganese, and/or pH issues solved, then you have come to the right place. You have found the experts in Honest Well Water Filtration and Treatment. We can help with even the most stubborn problems and we guarantee our work.

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